Totes for Goats

By Burning Bridget Cleary

  1. The New Copper Plate
    The Old Copper Plate
    The Scholar
  2. The Elfin Knight
  3. Sloppy’s Slip
    The Night Poor Larry Was Stretched
    Booley House
  4. The King And The Fair Maid
    Moses The Goat
  5. The Unfortunate Rake
    The Boy In The Boat
    Jimmy’s Groove
  6. The Duck’s Nest In The Moat
  7. Cameron’s Twinkle
    Trip To Spektor
  8. Lament For Emil
  9. The Blacksmith
  10. To My Wife
    Short And Sweet
  11. Are You Ready Yet?
    The Return To Miltown
    The Fort Of The Daft Woman
  12. The Connemara Shore
  13. The Cuckoo

One comment

What people are saying about Burning Bridget Cleary:

“One of the most exciting bands I’ve seen in the last couple of years …–Jack Baker,The Irish American News

“ … a rockin’ Celtic sound”!

“… a highlight of this summer’s Philadelphia Folk Festival”. – Michael Kornfeld, (2009)
Called “the Allman Brothers of Celtic fiddle bands, only prettier” (Mike Weekly, Pottstown Mercury), Burning Bridget Cleary was founded by Genevieve Gillespie and Rose Baldino, who lead the band with high energy and tightly woven harmonies in both fiddle and vocals. The driving rhythm and bass end is supplied by veteran Philadelphia guitarist, Lou Baldino, and Canadian native, Peter Trezzi, on djembe. Since 2006, BBC has played hundreds of performances along the East Coast, and produced two CDs. Their second production, “Everything is Alright” was named “2009 Album of the Year” by Boston-based Known for their captivating sound and merry stage presence, Burning Bridget Cleary has become one of the hottest young bands on the American Celtic and folk circuits.