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Burning Bridget Cleary

Burning Bridget Cleary took form on St. Patty’s day of 2006 when Genevieve Gillespie, daughter of Tom and Alison Gillespie, (Celtic band - Blackwater) joined forces with the father-daughter duo, Lou Baldino and Rose Baldino. This combo sparks a blaze of Celtic sound that is perceived way beyond the sum of its parts! The girls front the band with their fiery fiddles, bringing a lively flair of youthful intensity and exuberance to traditional tunes, "like youthful Natalie McMasters" (Jodi Duckett of the Morning Call, 11/25/06). Lou‘s guitar bestows the dynamic rhythm and bass end, tastefully embellished with distinctive chording. Weaving in some vocal numbers and building the energy with some spirited stepdancing, Burning Bridget Cleary has wowed packed audiences at the Scottish-Irish Fest in Green Lane (2006 and 2007), the Celtic Classic (2006 and 2007), the 2007 Celtic Winter Classic, the Mayfair Festival of the Arts (2008), the Spring Gulch Folk Festival (2008), the Shawnee Mountain Celtic Fest (2008) and many more popular venues.

Rose and Genna met five years ago at Granny McCarthy’s Irish music sessions in Bethlehem PA- both have been first-place trophy winners in the Celtic Classic fiddle competitions. Their debut CD, Catharsis, was released in September, 2006. Their new CD, "Everything is Alright", was released November 25, 2008.

Here’s what Larry Roeder of the "Hearthstone Town and Country" had to say about their CD Release show:
" … Listening to their lively Celtic reels and jigs had my foot and heart tapping. Their ballads were warm and beautiful.
The group was having a party on Sunday at Godfrey Daniels to celebrate the release of their first CD. Titled "Catharsis," it truly is an emotional release through music…
Their on-stage energy is infectious and their mastery of the fiddle borders on brilliant … "

The band is named in honor of Bridget Cleary, who is remembered as the last witch burned in Ireland. She was a vivacious and fashionable young woman who lived during the late 19th century. Believing that her flu symptoms were caused by evil faeries, her deranged husband and family members burned Bridget to death. They were later convicted and sent to prison.

Rose and Genna, both lively and fashionable young women, related to Bridget’s spirit by composing "Burning Bridget Cleary", an original tune found as Track #10 on their CD.