West of Ireland

By Nine-8ths Irish

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Nine-8ths Irish

FGM columnist Kathy Barwick and her band Nine-8ths Irish have released this new CD called West of Ireland. Linked by a love of traditional Irish instrumental music, the four musicians in this band, with vastly different backgrounds "from bluegrass and country to jazz and big band music" have come together to perform music that they describe as "Irish and a wee bit more." Comprised of award-winning fiddler Linda Relph (a four-time women’s champion in California), Bo Bowen (whistles), well-known bluegrass musician Kathy Barwick (guitar), and Chris Dunlap (bodhran), Nine-8ths Irish presents Irish and American tunes in a tasty blend of styles. The first foray into Celtic music for FGM Records, West of Ireland presents traditional jigs, reels and other dance tunes, a handful of tunes written during the past twenty years and a new tune by Linda Relph, "Shennopsy." Inspired by the greats that have come before them, Nine-8ths Irish makes its recording debut with this collection.