Pagan Irish

By Eoin Duignan

  1. Steal-Away
  2. The Grand Flotilla
  3. Pillage & Plunder
    Heroic Deeds
  4. Tuatha Dé Dannan
  5. The Three Sisters
    The Healing Well
  6. Arrival Of The Fianna
    Balcán & Oisín
  7. Dolar Durba
    The Young Prince Of Ulster
  8. Tribute To The Prince Of Ulster
  9. The Final Battle
  10. Lament For Dáire Donn
  11. Last Man Standing
  12. Reflection

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Eoin Duignan - Pagan Irish

Lovely record from 2014. Eoin plays on the uilleann pipes and low whistles.

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Some info about this album from CDBaby ( ):

Pagan Irish is a musical interpretation of the Fianníocht story Cath Finntrágha which dates back to the 12th century using mostly original tunes, two tunes from the Goodman collection and a few traditional tunes.

Cath Finntrágha, known in English as The Battle of Ventry strand, is a major tale forming part of An Fhiannaíocht (a cycle of heroic saga originating in Early Medieval Ireland) the legends follow the exploits of the Fianna, a band of itinerant warriors charged with the protection of Ireland from invasion. Their leader is the great Fionn Mac Cumhail (Finn McCool), a warrior, seer, poet, hunter and lover.

Featuring on Pagan Irish:
- John Brown (acoustic/lead guitar)
- Trevor Hutchinson (bass)
- Robbie Harris (percussion)
- Jeremy Spencer (fiddle)
- Virginia MacKee (clarinet)
- Donogh Hennessey (guitar/keyboard)
- Steve White (shaker)