Traditional Irish Music From London

By John Blake, Lamond Gillespie And Mick Leahy

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A superb outing …!

A great album. Restrained and polished playing and yet there’s a real sense of “the moment” about it. Like listening in on a really handy session.

And is this the only recording to feature The Duke of Leinster AND his missus!

(Who’s up for writing The Duke Of Leinster’s Bit On The Side?)

Mr & Mrs Duke

Sorry, Aidan - 1st track on Martin Byrnes solo fiddle LP is “The Duke Of Leinster & The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife” . Also , Roger Sherlock, on “Memories Of Sligo”, on the Inchecronin label. - "The Duke Of Leinster & His Missus (unquote).
Two great albums. Interestingly, both of these musicians spent much of their lives playing in the pubs in London.

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Mrs and Mrs Duke Redux

Thanks Kenny …

Maybe the pair have (as is so sadly often the case in these days of lack of matrimonial stamina!) divorced and gone their separate ways!

There’s scope for a whole scra of new tunes … The Duke Of Leinster’s Second Wife; The Duke Of Leinster’s Alimony Bill; The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife’s Second Husband; etc!

I’m listening to this album right now at work - and there are some cracker tunes on there - especially track 5 which is a completely different version of ‘Pidgeon on the Gate’ posted on this site. Its a great but uncommon tune - lovely album.

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Traditional Irish Music from London

For the musicians’ profiles and sample clips, visit Archway Records website:

I listened to this album while staying with a friend. It’s the most beautiful recording I’ve ever come across. It was as if I had been listening to a small session in the dark corner of an empty pub. Their playing is very relaxed and spontaneous. The tunes are great too. Many of them are very common in other parts of England, but some are in interesting keys and others are totally different from the normal versions. “The Pigeon on the Gate” in Ador is here:

“Bag of Spuds” (track 9) is linked to the wrong tune

If you start from the track listing and click on “Bag of Spuds,” the third tune in track 9, the wrong tune is displayed. The link should instead point to this other tune, also called “Bag of Spuds”"