Beg & Borrow

By Battlefield Band

  1. The Five Mile Chase
    The Cameronian
    The Black Haired Lass
    Miss Girdle
  2. Drunken Man’s Frolic
    We Will Go Merrily Sailing
    Charlie Over The Water
  3. The Blantyre Explosion
  4. The Glasgow Lasses
    The Scottish Lovers
  5. The Braes Of Mar
    The Baker
  6. An Gille Mear
  7. Sporan Dhomhnaill
    Mist On The Glen
    Miss Monaghan
  8. Chief Inspector Rod Parker
    This Is How The Ladies Dance
    Come To The Sheiling
    Dandy Denny Cronin
  9. One Night In My Youth
  10. McCarthy’s Quickstep
    The Drunken Piper
  11. Fingal’s Weeping
  12. Mo Bhuachaill Dubh Dhonn
  13. Ellen’s Dreams
  14. Captain Grant
    The Islay Ball
    Donal Odhar
    An Ceile A Bh’ Aig Iain MacEoin
  15. Blooming Caroline From Edinburgh Town
  16. The Whole Chicken In The Soup
    Largo’s Fairy Dance
    The Kerryman’s Daughter
  17. The Lass Of Killiecrankie
    The Ladies Of Gormand
    Untitled Highland
    The Teelin Highland
  18. The Mickey Dam
    The Haughs O’ Cromdale
    The Glasgow

Five comments

Beg & Borrow

Released on CD soon. Here’s some blurb for ye:
"Scotland & Ireland are separated by only twelve miles of water at their nearest point, so it’s not surprising that their cultures have begged, borrowed (and maybe even stolen) much from each other over the centuries.
On this album Battlefield Band, one of the great institutions of Scottish traditional music, have invited twelve special guests (one for each of the twelve miles) to explore and play the music and songs shared by these two vibrant cultures."

This is the current Battlefield Band:
Sean O’Donnell - guitar, vocals
Alasdair White - fiddle, banjo, whistle
Mike Katz - Highland bagpipes, bouzouki, guitar, bass, smallpipes, whistle

Plenty information at the website - the 12 guest musicians, previews, tune sources and history, alternative titles (some of which I may end up using here…)

This album is a lot of fun. I picked up the digital version via Amazon since the physical release hasn’t come out yet. Great contributions throughout -- I especially love the harmonica work from Don Meade and Mike Whellans on tracks 10, 11, and 18.

Re: Beg & Borrow

I particularly like the version of The Fairy Dance on this album. It just has more swing to it on here.