Everything is Alright

By Burning Bridget Cleary

  1. Winnie Hills Of Leitrim
    Jimmy Leg
    Terry Kane
  2. The Shearin’s No For You
  3. Bunch Of Green Rushes
    Poor Man’s Fortune
  4. Peace And Plenty
  5. Saucy Sailor
  6. The Faeries
  7. Cat’s Meow
    Josie McDermott’s
  8. Rolling Hills
  9. Waram Patat
    Miss Shepherd
    Mason’s Apron
  10. Three O’Clock
  11. Autumn Lux Lucis
  12. Ah Tusa Shi
  13. Soldier, Soldier

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Burning Bridget Clearly

“… a rockin’ Celtic sound” -irishphiladelphia.com

Now in their fifth year together, Burning Bridget Cleary hit the ground running, playing major Celtic festivals, concert stages, national and regional events like old pros. Their first CD, "Catharsis", was recorded in 2006 when the girls were just 15 and 16 years of age. “Catharsis”, has received airplay on a wide variety of NPR stations, and was featured on Fiona Ritchey’s "Thistlepod", of all-American acoustic music.

Their new release, "Everything is Alright", was published in late November, 2008. “Everything is Alright,” has been named "Album of the Year 2009" by the Celtic Radio Music Awards of Highland Radio, a 24-hour Internet radio station at CelticRadio.net.

The award acknowledges “musical creativity and extraordinary work on an album which provides recognition of exceptional contributions to Celtic music.” Two individual cuts on the album also won awards — “Three Set” in the jigs and reels category and “Soldier, Soldier” in the contemporary category.

Rose Baldino and Genna Gillespie met eight years ago as pre-teens at a traditional Irish music session where they became instant friends. Since that time, both have been first-place trophy winners at the Celtic Classic fiddle competitions. Both were born into musical families (Genna’s parents are founding members of the Celtic band, Blackwater). The natural pairing of these talented young women, backed by Lou Baldino (guitar) and Peter Trezzi (djembe), has created a polished musical team with a captivating sound and a merry stage presence.

The band’s name honors the memory of Bridget Cleary, a vivacious and fashionable young woman who lived in 19th century Ireland. Her husband and family burned poor Bridget to death, convinced that her flu symptoms were the result of her possession by evil fairies. The perpetrators were later convicted of murder, and laws were ultimately passed to protect women from such terrible acts. Bridget is now remembered as the last witch burned in Ireland, but we remember her as an innocent young woman.
For more information about the band, go to: http://www.burningbridgetcleary.com/