Fiddle Me This One

By Various Artists

Two comments

”Next to the button accordion, the fiddle is synonomous with Newfoundland music, culture and heritage. Whether it be a waltz, a jig or a reel the fiddle makes it sound sweet.

There are many playing styles and many influences that can be heard in our music, be it the French or the Irish, English or Scottish style. All have been successfully blended to now become the Newfoundland Style.

When the music starts it’s hard not to clap or tap your feet to the sweet sounds.

On this CD we showcase many of the best Newfoundland fiddle players in Newfoundland today. Patrick Moran of The Punters contributes 2 new recordings to this CD. Artists represented include Rufus Guinchard, The Punters, The Walsh Family, Tickle Harbour, Plankerdown Band, D’Arcy Broderick, The Irish Descendants, Snotty Var, Patrick Moran & Chris Andrews & Atlantic Union.

Tap your toes, clap your hands, stomp your feet or break out the spoons and play along.”
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Various Artists - Fiddle Me This One

Track listing:
1) D’Arcy Broderick
2) Rufus Guinchard
3) The Punters
4) Tickle Harbour
5) Patrick Moran
6) The Irish Descendants
7) Plankerdown
8) The Walsh Family
9) The Punters
10) Snotty Var
11) Atlantic Union
12) Patrick Moran & Chris Andrews