The Chieftains

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Line up….

Paddy Moloney - uilleann pipes , tin-whistle
Michael Tubridy - flute, concertina
Sean Potts - tin-whistle
Martin Fay - fiddle
David Fallon - bodhran

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Mono Chieftains

As a proud owner of the original vinyl LP I have to say that it was published/copyrighted in 1964 and it has no title at all. BTW it took the lads another 6 years to publish their second album.
The record is in mono quality, stereo was probably too expensive for an unknown bunch of Irishman. Is the CD like taht, too?


"’Se Fath Mo Bhuartha", first tune on Track 1, followed by the 3 reels on Track 8 - from the Chieftains 21st Anniversary concert’.
A rare instance of Matt Molloy playing whistle.

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