Altan’s Finest

By Altan

  1. The Cat That Ate The Candle
    Over The Water To Bessie
    Dandy Dinny Cronin
  2. An TSean Chailleach Ghallda
    Dermot Byrne’s
  3. The Lass Of Glenshee
  4. Tommy Peoples’
    Loch Altan
    Danny Meehan’s
  5. Ta Mo Chleamhnas A Dheanamh
  6. Come Ye By Atholl
    Kitty O’Connor
  7. An Feochán
  8. The Wedding
    Hiudaí Gallagher’s March
    James Byrne’s
    Mickey Docherty’s
    Grania’s Welcome Home
  9. A Bhean Udai Thall
  10. Con Cassidy’s Highland
    Neilly O’Boyle’s Highland
    Neilly O’Boyle’s
  11. Moll Dubh A Ghleanna
  12. Tommy Bhetty’s
  13. Brenda Stubbert’s
    The Red Box
  14. Paddy’s Trip To Scotland
    The Shetland Fiddler

Three comments

The Wedding Jig/ Hiuda

Anybody out there know the names of the other tunes in this set? They’re all great tunes and I’d love to know what they’re called (if they do in fact have names that is).

Track 8 :

Wedding jig and not the reel:(