Dot the Dragon’s Eyes

By Hanneke Cassel

  1. Dot The Dragon’s Eyes
  2. Katrina McCoy’s
    Sierra Fiddle Circle’s Compliments To The Girls Of Mudzini Kwetu
  3. The Captain
  4. Natasha McCoy’s
    Lianne McLean’s Revenge
  5. Jig For Christina
  6. Eliana Grace
    Dancing With Bryce
  7. The Marathon (for Boston)
  8. Lissa And Corey
    The Sunrise
  9. The Important Thing Is
  10. Religulous
  11. Dianne’s
  12. Lime Hill
    Banks Of Spey
    Lexy McAskill

Two comments

Dot The Dragon’s Eyes

Hanneke is a consummate fiddler and performer. I had the privilege of having her as an instructor in an intensive week-long camp when I first picked up a fiddle. She shared her passion and fire with me, and I confess I cannot put it down. She and Laura Risk started me on a life-long musical adventure and love affair with the fiddle.

Re: Dot the Dragon’s Eyes

Hanneke Cassel: Fiddle
Mike Block: Cello
Keith Murphy: Guitar
Rushad Eggleston: Cello
Christopher Lewis: Guitar
Jeremy Kittel: Fiddle
Ryan McKasson: Viola
Cali Kovin: Piano
Dave Wiesler: Piano
Ariel Friedman: Cello
Aoife O’Donovan: Vocals