By La Volée D’Castors

  1. La Voisine
  2. Bonanza
  3. La Palette
  4. La Gigue à 10
    La Belle Mère Enragée
    Les 5 Jumelles
  5. M’En Revenant De Saint-Denis
  6. Douce Amélia
  7. Prince Eugène
  8. À La Volée
  9. Tristesse
  10. L’Embâcle
  11. Me Violà Marié
  12. Esprit De L’Est
  13. Carressons La Bouteille
  14. Ubc
  15. Les Coucous

Four comments

La Volée D’Castors

La Volée d’Castors (A Flock of Beavers) is a Quebec folk music group formed in 1993. Since the end of the ’90s they have gained a lot of fame in Quebec and internationally, also have toured through 15 countries..
It’s actually my favorite Folk Quebecois band.. They have a unique energy and formidable arrangements on their recordings.. if you like this sort of music and still don’t know them, check some great videos:
Set of Reels


Highly recommended for fans of Quebecois traditional music!
Official Website:
Merci Beaucoup!!

My mistake..

I mean.. the video above is a set of JIGS!! … That’s the fourth track of this recording.. But there is also a great reel: Les Cinq Jumelles/Dionne is one of my favorite reels!

Both videos you posted feature reels, you were correct in the first place

They are one of my favorite bands as well….and, I’m glad to see they recorded ‘La Belle Mere Enragee’, one of my favorite reels….