One For The Road

By Session A9

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  1. The Real Mackay Wedding
    Struy Lodge
    Trip To The Market
  2. Trip To Austin
    The Arm Breaker
  3. One For The Road
  4. Lady Montgomery’s
    Mutt’s Favourite
    Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes
  5. Kirstie’s
    Garry Porch
  6. Paella Grande
    No More Cages
    The Dirty Bee
  7. The Aird Ranters
  8. Swallow’s
    Kary Hill
    Garry Banjo
  9. Alasdair’s Tune
  10. The Rizla
    Trip To Dublin
    Iain Macleod’s
  11. Celtic Thunder
    Pressed For Time
  12. Sporting Paddy
    Hamish The Carpenter
    Road To Errogie

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Released 2010

"Live album recorded at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness in February 2010. This recording captures their unbeatable, rich, rhythmic and riotous sound and features previously unrecorded material as an added bonus."

Featuring Charlie McKerron, Gordon Gunn, Adam Sutherland, Kevin Henderson, Marc Clement, and a couple others… It doesn’t seem to be widely available.

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