By Fiddlers’ Bid

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The Band’s Second Album

This is the very first CD of the Celtic music I bought. As you see, it’s not Irish but Shetland one.

Fidders‘ Bid are four fiddlers accompanied by a piano, a guitar, and a bass guitar. Their playing is really furious and exciting on some tracks. Though half of the tunes in the recording are the members’ compositions, they perfectly mix with other traditional tunes, including Irish ones. But, the style of fiddling is quite different, so some Irish tunes such as Toss the Feathers are almost unrecognizable.

The drunkards‘ (members’?) chorus on the hidden track at the very end is really funny.

It’s funny -I have no hidden track on my copy -it ends with “da thief upon de lum”.Still it’s a great album.

I have a hidden track! It gave me a really big fright when i first heard it. It is about ten minutes after the end of the last tune on track twelve so you might have to leave it on for a bit. Most people make the mistake of turning it off.
This is my favourite band and i love this cd. I swear i played it non stop at least once a day for the first ten weeks after i bought it!!!!
You just can’t get any better than four fiddles!!!!!!🙂

Track “13”

The 1st tune they play on the hidden track is called “A yome came to wir door, yarmin”(A ewe came to my door bleating) If u want i’ll post it (but it’ll be in C not G)E mail me if yes

The “yellow stockings” link is an error as it is not the tune they play.