Wall to Wall… Lindisfarne to Walltown

By Martin Matthews

  1. After The Fall
    The New Prospect
    The New Copperplate
  2. The Toneneave
    The Kithoque
    The May Bell Queen
  3. The Snow It Melts
    Crag Lough Air
  4. The Grey Mare Air
  5. Aydon Castle
    Forest In Teesdale
  6. Kielder’s Edge
    Shake Loose The Border
  7. Salters Gate Walz
  8. The Frosty Rushes
    Rippon’s Visit
    The Gala
    Mick McCarthy’s
  9. Colette Rant
    The General Gordon
    TOld Elm Tree At Crossgate
  10. Laird Of Ardnish
    Dunstanburgh Dawn
  11. Charlie’s Fling
    Twice Brewed
    Peel Bothy
    Archer’s 62nd
    Cas’s Trip To Durham
  12. Big Skye
    Aldin Grange
    The Bearpark
  13. Sky Blue At Walltown
    Ian Carr’s

Two comments

New music in the tradition

The first of two recordings featuring a host of fiddlers, pipers, flautists, singers and assorted string and box players from Northumbria and the Scottish Borders. The music composed and collected by Martin has been set to accompany his acclaimed Art Exhibition titled Wall to Wall which toured Ireland and the North of England between the summer of 2013 and Spring 2014. The music is based on the fiddle and bagpipe tradition of the Borders, Northumbria and Scotland, and features new tunes written by Martin and his co collaborators in the style of the music found at each paintings location.
The second album Wall to Wall , Cowraik to Carlingford, featuring music from the Irish leg of the exhibition is near completion and will be released shortly. Gerry O‘Connor, Donal O’Hanlon, Thomas McElvogue, Norman Holmes, Paul Archer, Andy May, and many more have contributed to a second CD of Jigs, reels, airs, waltzes, mazurka’s, slip jigs and songs. Check out Amazon, cdbaby, itunes etc.

Martin Matthews’ s previous album “Autumn” is entered here at: https://thesession.org/recordings/4178

I wrote a review of it under Comments, outlining the nature and context of Martin’s music, and what I wrote there would seem - to me, at least - equally applicable to this one, “Wall To Wall…Lindisfarne To Walltown”. About this latter, I’ll but say for now - it’s very, very good.