The Green Branch

By Oisin MacDiarmada

  1. Jackie Coleman’s
    Mayor Harrison’s Fedora
  2. Mixing The Punch
    Both Meat And Drink
  3. The Avonmore
    All Hands Around
  4. Twilight In Portroe
    The Mountain Road
  5. The Drunken Gauger
  6. Veronica McNamara’s
    The Professor
    Charlie Dolan’s
  7. The Connachtman
    Emmet The Piper
  8. David’s Dream
    The Reel Of Mullinavat
  9. The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering
    Sarah Kelly’s
  10. The Maids Of Hollywell
    The Thirteen Arches
  11. Captain O’Neill’s
    Eddie Kelly’s
    The Green Branch
  12. Bright May Morning
    Fowler On The Moor
  13. Cead Blian Ag Fas
    The Salt Hill
  14. Miss Monaghan
    Vincent Harrison’s
    The Woman Of The House

Five comments

Just heady playing. Oisin Mac Diarmada has such a deft touch and a knack of reinterpreting familiar tunes and picking keys to play them in that showcase the tune. Accompanied by the best kind of less-is-more piano by Samantha Harvey, this is a slow-burning and statesmanlike album that puts the tune first always.

Not technical or fast for the sake of it, it is nonetheless deceptively nuanced and intricate playing: in fact I would say that in the hands of almost anyone else, the rather eclectic selection of tunes he’s gone with would be wasted.

If I had one tiny gripe it would be that maybe a live encore set with some utterly blazing speed - something like Maybe next time? ;)


Hi "Camper" - thanks for letting us know about this recording. Can you tell us if you got it as a download through "iTunes" [ not linking here for some reason ], or is there somewhere I can buy the CD ? None of the usual outlets seem to have it yet.
Cheers, Kenny

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I got it on ‘CD Baby’ mate - always best from there as they have high-res audio formats compared to itunes. Well worth getting.


Thanks for that, "HC". Hadn’t known that about "CD Baby".

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Re: The Green Branch

Have to agree 100% with "HC’s" initial comments above.
The first reel on track #1 is not usually referred to as "Jackie Coleman’s", so the link is wrong. I would have called it "The Humours Of Castlefinn".

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