The Green Branch

By Oisín Mac Diarmada

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Just heady playing. Oisin Mac Diarmada has such a deft touch and a knack of reinterpreting familiar tunes and picking keys to play them in that showcase the tune. Accompanied by the best kind of less-is-more piano by Samantha Harvey, this is a slow-burning and statesmanlike album that puts the tune first always.

Not technical or fast for the sake of it, it is nonetheless deceptively nuanced and intricate playing: in fact I would say that in the hands of almost anyone else, the rather eclectic selection of tunes he’s gone with would be wasted.

If I had one tiny gripe it would be that maybe a live encore set with some utterly blazing speed - something like Maybe next time? ;)


Hi “Camper” - thanks for letting us know about this recording. Can you tell us if you got it as a download through “iTunes” [ not linking here for some reason ], or is there somewhere I can buy the CD ? None of the usual outlets seem to have it yet.
Cheers, Kenny

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I got it on ‘CD Baby’ mate - always best from there as they have high-res audio formats compared to itunes. Well worth getting.


Thanks for that, “HC”. Hadn’t known that about “CD Baby”.

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Re: The Green Branch

Have to agree 100% with “HC’s” initial comments above.
The first reel on track #1 is not usually referred to as “Jackie Coleman’s”, so the link is wrong. I would have called it “The Humours Of Castlefinn”.

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