The Clearing

By Dréos

  1. Devil In The Kitchen
    Tie The Bonnet
    The Sound Of Mull
  2. The Empty Tomb
    Samuel’s Grand Entrance
    Old Cape Hatteras
  3. The Clearing
  4. Silver Trees
  5. Erin’s
    Brown Ale
  6. She Moved Through The Fair
  7. The Empty Bookcase
    The Lights Of Limerick
    The Pepper Man
  8. Weaving To Friday Harbor
    Andrew Dewberry’s
    Ellie’s New Hat
  9. Day Dawn
  10. Boundless
  11. Rebecca’s Highland Fling
    Winter Welcome
    Itchy Feet
  12. The Battle Of Waterloo
    O’Neill’s Cavalcade
    Bonaparte Crossing The Alps
  13. Islenska
    Flight Of The Penguins
    Dancin’ Thro’ The Gates
  14. Clumsy Lover

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Dréos - Eliot Grasso, Brandon Vance & Glen Waddell

Genesis: An instant, uncanny artistic chemistry was clear from the moment Eliot and Brandon first played together, years ago at a Friday Harbor festival in Washington State. This meeting would be remembered. For a time, they parted ways, their musical and academic careers propelling them along parallel tracks in different parts of the world. Brandon left the Pacific Northwest to study violin performance at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Eliot headed off to pursue degrees in ethnomusicology and musicology at the University of Limerick and University of Oregon. Despite these divergent paths, Brandon and Eliot kept in contact, and in February 2014, they convened in Eugene, Oregon, with accompanist Glen Waddell to perform in Beall Hall at the University of Oregon. That musical reunion ignited a performing and recording venture, of which this album is a kind of firstfruit.

Eliot Grasso is known in Irish traditional music as an uilleann piper, flute-player, and composer. He is deeply interested in the art of melodic variation, and how this dynamic process has been transmitted from teacher to student in the Irish dance music tradition.

Brandon Vance is one of the foremost Scottish fiddlers in North America. He is a collector of old things – especially old tunes and the fashions of playing them. This penchant led him to the world of early music, where he found the intersection of the fiddle and violin – a sort of limbo where he comfortably resides.

A Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Glen Waddell has one younger brother who once punched him in the face the day before a cornet competition, leaving him with the misfortune of having a split lip and the choice to play or sit out. He played.

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Dréos are:
Eliot Grasso - uilleann pipes • flute

Brandon Vance -fiddle

Glen Waddell - guitar • bouzouki • smallpipes • bodhrán