Live at Sidmouth Festival Fringe

By Choonz

  1. The Skylark
    Fox On The Town
  2. Cape Clear
  3. The Mason’s Apron
  4. Paddy At The Feis
    Hanley’s Tweed
  5. The Cliff Dwellers
  6. Poor Liza Jane
    Dance, Boatman, Dance
  7. Lads Of Laois
    The Big Reel Of Ballinahitch
    Black Pat’s
  8. Union Quay Commotions
    Within A Mile Of Dublin
    Ni Fios

Six comments


Dave…your Mason’s lyke wel sick man… good to hear you still got it ‘anker…could do wiv a few mur triks tho.

yea the mason’s is pretty heavy titch. - tho he can play it a lot better now. (kinda decided he had to raise the bar after hearing dezi donnelly play it) :P

No prob Paul just take out a shitload of dynamics, swing, sweetness and energy and add in some repetitiveness and fluff and he’ll match Dezi easy. 😉 feck!n’ waster.