A Week In January

By Seamus Egan

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A week in January

I was quite surprised not see this recording in here.
Track nb. 6 is one of my favourite jigs. I love playing it but I have not written any sheet music of it yet. I’ll post it when I will.

Actually, I was about to post this great recording weeks ago, but I found all the tracks are included in “Brothers McMullen Soundtrack.” I heard the producer of the film discovered Seamus Egan’s talent in this recording and promoted him musical director.

Anyway, it’s a brilliant album. His flute playing is much wilder than that of Matt Molloy while I personally love the track 3, the set of Bobby Casey’s and the Congress Reel on the banjo.

Seamus is a remarkable musican. One of my favorite flute players who is also one of my favorite banjoists. I had an adult beverage with him after a show once and he’s a pretty cool dude as well. I have painstakingly learned to reproduce his whistle moves by ear on the tune “Eamonn Coyne’s. It must have been a signature tune for him at one time since it aslo appears on the “Green Fields of America Live in Concert’ recording partcipated in.

FYI: The link shown here is for a completely different tune. Fellow tooters who might be interested can find a seeting for Egan’s “Coyne’s” in ABC it at the fiddlers companion site.

I like this record, but it hints at the over-production that I find a bit distracting with much of his work these day’s. I never miss a chance to see Solas and am alway’s willing to fork over my heard earned cash in support of his music by buying the CD’s. I can’t help wondering though, as a hard core trad head, who he’s making record for. It’s not for people like me….I don’t think.