He Thinks he’s Invisible

By Simon Thoumire & Ian Carr

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  1. Provost Of Forgandenny
    Jimmy’s Aye Diggin’
  2. Brocken Spectre
    Three Piece Suite
  3. Da Fashion O Da Delting Lasses
    Christmas Day In Da Morning
    Arizona Moods
  4. Dave Verrils
    Berry Verrils
  5. A Day On The River
    Step On It Sven
  6. Caliope House
    Linnea Möter Lava
  7. Baby I Love You
    Twelve Pins
  8. Joseph Boseph
    Offensive Doctor Flute Pervert
    The Lasses Fashion
    Barney’s Balmoral
  9. He Thinks He’s Invisible

One comment

He thinks he’s Invisible

“virtuoso, madcap exhilarating stuff. One thing for sure, you won’t fall asleep listening to it!” The Living Tradition

“..When they play it straight, as on Carr’s waltz set, they can charm; but when they go for it, they’re an unstoppable force of mad virtuosity.” Rob Adams, Sunday Herald