Tribute To William Hannah

By Luke Daniels

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“Tribute To William Hannah” - Luke Daniels

From the “Greentrax Records” website :

"William Hannah (1891 – 1961) was born in the mining village of Blackburn, West Lothian. Having started on the mouth organ as a boy, he became well known as Scotland’s premiere melodeon player by the end of the First World War, during which he served in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. His role in the development of the modern accordion was an important one. William Hannah was a prolific recording artist with companies such as Parlophone and Columbia, and a celebrated band leader in the 1920s. He was a major influence on Jimmy Shand, although the man and his contribution to Scottish music have been largely forgotten.

The album features Luke Daniels (melodeon), Neil Ewart (fiddle), Ian Carr (guitar) and John Paul Gandy (piano). The music throughout the album is outstanding.

Painstakingly transcribed from early 78rpm and wax cylinder recordings, Hannah’s exciting music and exceptional playing has been faithfully reproduced by four of the UK’s finest traditional players. A Wilkinson Excelsior c1927 (Hannah’s own signature instrument) was restored specially and played on this recording along with an earlier model used by Daniel and Peter Wyper c1909".

Very well-known - even hackneyed - Scottish Country dance music, but Luke Daniels and his buddies have done a great job in breathing new life into them. A very fine tribute to the memory of William Hannah. I’d love to see more projects like this - fair play to Ian Green and “Greentrax” for taking it on.

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