Live at Counihans

By Arundo

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‘Arundó’ are a four piece Cork(Ireland)-based group that play an exciting mixture of traditional and contemporary Irish and Andean music.

The name "Arundó" is actually the term for a family of bamboo-like plants, one of which produces the cane from which uilleann pipes are usually made. The name, therefore, well reflects the groups music, which is dominated by the mystical sounds of the uilleann and panpipes.

If your were to pick a word to describe this group’s music it would be ‘Diverse’. As well as an impressive array of traditional irish music from Ireland, Scotland, Brittanny, Peru and Bolivia, Arundó play many of their own compositions.

Although the primary focus of the group is instrumental, some lively and diverse songs are also included in Arundo’s colourful performance.

Arundó will take you on a musical journey from the high Andean Altiplano and the haunting sound of the panpipes to the valleys of Cork and Kerry and the driving music of Sliabh Luachra.


Jug of Punch Set

Re: Live at Counihans

Track 4 - 2nd tune is Castle Kelly.

Re: Live at Counihans

Track 6 - last tune is Thadelo’s