Sol Invictus

By Invernalia

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Invernalia is a Celtic folk music group formed in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona, Spain) in early 2009 by four musicians from diverse bands ( Joglars and Senglars , Hambrest , Slainte , Kabbalah … )
The group offers a wide range of traditional themes from various places such as Ireland , Scotland , Galicia and Asturias …
David Lafuente: irish flute, bodhrán and spoons.
Víctor Fernández: Uilleann pipes, whistle, low whistle, galician bagpipe.
Raúl Fernández: Whistles, low whistles, accordion and asturian bagpipe.
Nacho Gálvez: acoustic guitar
Live Videos:
Tom Billy’s

Rocking the Boat