The Western Shore

By The Burren Boys

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The Burren Boys

This evocative group draws together musical influences from Ireland, Brittany, the Balkans, and sometimes a touch of rock ’n roll. They show up with a variety of instruments - fiddles, whistles, low whistles, bouzouki, banjo, guitar, bodhran, djembe and bass - and play traditional and original tunes. They have also been known to favor their listeners with occasional songs sung in Irish as well as English.

Their arrangements weave together traditional and modern influences, and range from full-tilt reels and jigs to airs and quieter sets. When they play ceilis, everyone gets up to dance.

Named after the The Burren, an expanse of almost 100 square miles of limestone on the west coast of County Clare, Ireland, (surrounded by great musicians) the band was originally known as The Burren Boys. With the addition of our new fiddler, we’ve become The Burren Band.
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