One that Got Away

By Trail West

  1. Jimmy Ward’s
    The Glencoe Diversion
    Far From Home
    Mo Chuachag
    Prince Of Wales
  2. Professor Donald Meek Of Tiree
    Red Socks
    PM Willie Gray’s Farewell To The Glasgow Police
  3. A Pheigi A Ghraidh
  4. Jean’s
    The Dirty Bee
    Road To Errogie
  5. The 51st Highland Division
    Murdo MacKenzie Of Torridon
    The MacNeils Of Ugadale
  6. Seudan A’ Chuain
    Lord McConnel Of Lough Earne And Loch End
    Smelling Fresh
  7. Uibhist Mo Ghraidh
    Lag Nan Cruachan
    Nan Ceadachadh An Tide Dhomh
    Clachan Ghlinn-daRuadhail
  8. The Island Boy
  9. Walter MacCallum’s
    Iain MacLachlan
    Iochdar Road Quartet
  10. Sarah MacIntyre’s
    Manus Lunny’s Terracotta Plower Pop
    Roaring Barmaid
    Wes And Maggie’s Ceilidh Croft
  11. Maureen’s
    Celtic Matador
    The Gathering
    Rory Gallagher
    Dr MacPhail’s
    The Inevitable Journey

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Trail West

Debut album from the young band from Tiree, who are creating a storm throughout the Scottish music scene. Formed on the Isle of Tiree in 2008 by founding members Ian Smith and Andrew Findlater , the band has since added further Hebridean fire power with multi- instrumentalist Seonaidh MacIntyre from South Uist and fellow Tirisdeach Alain Campbell to create a blistering sound that presents an exciting twist on the traditional ‘west coast’ ceilidh band style

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