By Karrnnel Sawitsky

  1. July 18
  2. Sizzle Girl
  3. C-Town
    Johnnie MacGilvery’s
  4. Transitions
  5. New Found Melody
  6. Blue Fiddlestix
    5 Months
  7. Sierra
  8. Safe Driving
    Song 23
  9. The Nameless Scotsman
    Jazzy Bluestep
  10. Kanndece & Victor’s
    Kim & Ken’s
  11. 7 Weeks
    Chord Dobe’s
  12. That Girl
  13. The Jewish Ukrainian
    The Oatcake Breakdown

One comment

Karrnnel by Karrnnel Sawitsky

My new favorite album.

I went to see The Fretless (listed here as well), and wandered over to the musician’s table, where I purchased this album by one member of the quartet. I am glad I did. From the cover notes: "This is an album of original music that is an eclectic integration of various traditional fiddle styles that include: Canadian Old Time, Ukrainian, Metis, Irish, Scottish, Celtic, French Canadian, Cape Breton, Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Country."

Note on track 13, after Jewish Ukrainian, expect several minutes of blank until 7:38 where you get the "live" recording of Oatcake and Rivermoth. From the dialogue, it sounds like they have been trying to get a good take for quite awhile, and this is the final one; Oatcake does sound like a bear to play. Both tunes are well worth the wait.

I already knew from the concert that the man could play, and now I realize he is quite the composer too. Check out his webpage where he posts the results of his 2014 Christmas Project, composing a tune a day in December until Christmas. He provides the sheet music and a so-called rough draft sound file (I should sound so good), along with quotes and insight into the creative process. Great stuff!