In the Window

By Ethan Hazzard-Watkins

  1. The House On The Hill
    Gerry Cronin’s
    John Brain’s
  2. Church Hollow
  3. The Torn Jacket
    Martin Reilly’s
  4. La Vals Micheline
  5. The New Banjo
    Aimee Gagnon
    Heart Grow Fonder
  6. Torrid Romance
  7. Split Rock
    Zinnia’s Favorite
  8. The Old Mill
  9. Seanamhac Tube Station
    Willie Coleman’s
    Tom Billy’s
  10. The Wedding
    Maghera Mountain
  11. Two Exactly
  12. Piper’s Despair
    Lowe’s Welcome To Boston
    Scarta Glen Road
  13. Fiddler’s Farewell To The Moon
  14. The Road To Gloutane