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By Four Leaf Peat

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Four Leaf Peat - Tennessee’s Premier Trad Irish Band

Born out of Irish traditional music in pub sessions this group brings together musicians from various backgrounds whose musical hearts beat Irish! We are grounded in tradition with undeniable influences by Ireland’s traditional pipers, fiddlers and singers, but also bow our hats to the innovators of the music such as The Bothy Band, Planxty, Dervish, Lunasa and Danu.

Rick Hall has been playing music most of his life and the hammer dulcimer for about 30 years. His first exposure to the instrument came in 1975 at Knoxville Jubilee Festivals. His early influences were Guy Carawan, Malcolm Dalglish and John McCutcheon. He has been active in the local Irish music scene for several years. He also plays bodhran and whistle and is learning to play the uilleann pipes.

Chad Beauchaine began playing the violin at the age of 10 and studied classical music through college after receiving a music scholarship to the University of Kentucky. Chad then moved to Johnson City TN and met Tom Swadley who introduced him to Irish music. Chad spent the next several years as a member of the Irish music group Sigean and has since traveled frequently to Ireland, Chicago and New York to play with and learn from some of the finest Irish musicians. Some fiddlers of note from whom Chad has received instruction include Kevin Burke, John Daly, Tony DeMarco, Liz Knowles and Tommy Peoples.

A native of Oak Ridge, TN Jason started out in the music world as a self-taught flute/whistle player and Sean Nos singer. As a professional blade smith he toured the US with Renfairs, Highland Games and SCA events which allowed him to meet and play with a variety musicians from around the world. After leaving the festival circuit to continue his smithing trade, he began to play with a few local sessions and small Celtic bands. Jason has been playing flute, whistle and bodhran for about 10 years now around the southeast, and now with the group Four Leaf Peat. “It’s great to play with people who can listen and react to what you play. And these guys are great for that”. He now lives back in Oak Ridge with his wife fellow vocalist Susan Herrera.

Gil Draper, our newest member, came to Irish music, as many Americans have done, through the Bluegrass tradition. A Tennessee native, Gil began playing in his teens. After playing in various rock and Bluegrass bands he stumbled upon the local Irish music session and was hooked! Gil has easily made the transition from Bluegrass mandolin to Irish Bouzouki and DADGAD guitar. He is a welcome addition to the mix!

Rick Hall- Hammer Dulcimer, Bodhran, Vocals; Chad Beauchaine-Fiddle; Jason Herrera-Vocals, Bodhran, Flute , Whistle; Gil Draper-Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin

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