By The Tim Edey Band

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  1. Trad ‘n’ Blues
  2. Radio Two Comes To Kerry
  3. Asturian Tune
    The Boys Of Portaferry
  4. Jazz Trad
    Joe Cooley’s
  5. Jig Jazz
  6. Broadstairs Regatta
  7. Richard’s Minuet
  8. The Reel Blues
  9. Dawning Of The Day Samba
  10. Lad O’Beirne’s
    Drag Her Round The Road
    The Congress
  11. Lucy’s Solo
  12. Thinking Of Love
    The Lilting Banshee
    The Corner House
    Tico Tico
    John Stenson’s #2
    Kidman Blues
  13. The Mountain Road
    The Corkscrew
  14. Gan Ainm
    The Little Fair Cannavans
    The Steamboat

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Time Edey Band

“The Tim Edey Band” in2007 when this was recorded were :

Tim Edey - melodeon, accordion, nylon strung guitar
Brendan Power - harmonicas, vocals
Lucy Randall - bodhran, cajon, tambourine

To be honest, the music on this recording, although played with a high level of expertise by 3 outstanding musicians, is just a wee bit too jazzy and divorced from the tradition for my tastes, but that’s just me.
There are gaps in the track listings which I’ll try to fill in.

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