Places left to Go

By Gallimaufry

  1. Vladimir’s Steamboat
    Earl’s Chair
  2. Rolling To Cairo Town
  3. Pancake Tuesday
    The Red Crow
  4. Greenland Whale Fisheries
  5. Driftwood By The Sea
    Buffett Double
  6. Goat Dance
    Through The Gates
    Coleman’s March
  7. Otter’s Holt
    Road To Errogie
  8. Radio Sweethearts
  9. Evit Gabriel
    Vladi On The Trans-Siberian Highway
  10. Maison De Glace
  11. Paddy West
  12. Motel Henri
    Reel De Mattawa
    La Turlutte Du Rang Des Sloans
  13. Franconia
  14. The September
    Road To Glounthane

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Gallimaufry is a high-energy, 5-piece contra dance band. With a sound largely based in Irish, Quebecois, and Old Time tunes, arrangements often incorporate elements of rock and funk to create powerful sets that enthrall both the ears and feet of dancers. Brian and Alex created Gallimaufry at Oberlin College in 2010, and joined by Ness, Donal, and Arthur over the next three years, their unbridled energy and sophisticated sound have been electrifying dance floors all across Ohio and beyond. Individually talented and collectively creative, the band’s members have had great success collaborating in their arranging process, creating a sound that is decidedly unique, unabashedly energetic, and will make you want to do nothing but dance.

Brian Lindsay: fiddle, flute, whistle, tenor banjo, vocals
Alex Sturbaum: guitar, accordion, vocals
Ness Smith-Savedoff: drums, percussion, vocals
Donal Sheets: cello, mandolin, bouzouki
Arthur Davis: piano, accordion, trumpet, banjo, vocals