By Barluath

  1. Fear A Bhois Fada Gun Phosadh
    Fear An Duin Mhor
    The Cat And The Dog
    Nead Na Lach As A Luachair
  2. The Lambs On The Green Hills
  3. Heart Shaped Wood
    Rushin’ Dressing
    The Pentland Incident
  4. Ora Turais
  5. Billy Gray
  6. Siud Mar Chaidh An Cal A Dholaidh
    The Devil In The Kitchen
    Biodag Dhohnaill ’ic Alasdair
    Cairstion’ Nighean Eoghainn
  7. The Selkie
  8. The Trooper And The Maid
    Curtains For Hamill
  9. The Possibility
    The Siamese Strawberry
    Lord McConnell Of Loch Earne And Lochend
  10. Cro Chinn T-Saile

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Source by Barluath

An excellent debut by a young Glasgow-based group:

Ainsley Hamill (vocals)
Eilidh Firth (fiddle)
Eddie Seaman (Highland bagpipe, Border bagpipe, whistle, bouzouki)
Colin Greeves (Highland bagpipe, smallpipe, whistle)
Alistair Iain Paterson (piano, synth glockenspiel)