It’s No Secret

By Hammy Hamilton, Seamus Creagh, Con Ó Drisceoil

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  1. Mick Doyle’s Favourite
    Dinny O’Brien’s
  2. The Sea Apprentice
  3. Din Tarrant’s
    West Kerry
  4. Lament For Oliver Goldsmith
  5. The Spoons Murder
  6. An Cliabh Mona
    Jimmy Doyle’s Favourite
  7. In Praise Of The City Of Mullingar
  8. The Cocktail
    Mary McMahon’s
  9. King Lear
  10. The Dances At Kinvara
    The Hills Of Tara
  11. Erin’s Green Shore
  12. Nicholas McAuliffe’s
    Barrack Hill
  13. The Plains Of Drishane
  14. A Night At The Fair
    The Haunted House
  15. Paddy Taylor’s
    The Earl’s Chair

Three comments

“Hammy Hamilton, Séamus Creagh & Con Ó Drsceoil: It’s no Secret”

Yes, very enjoyable ear fillers, for me, including the songs… It’s a great choice of tunes and versions and songs. I particularly enjoyed hearing again things like the comedy play on ‘Mullingar’ and such sung geographical praises, and the session etiquette anthem “The Spoons Murder”, and the song reduction of Shakespear’s “King Lear”, great craic… But, I agree with a friend’s general comment about this one, too much singing for one CD, for most folk, myself not included. Every other track, if you include the instrumental air, is given over to song, 7 tracks worth out of 15. For some folks that’s too much, but I’ve just had a loan of this and given it a good solid listen and repeats, and I had both a good chuckle and do not count the time given it a waste. I’ll be back ~ for more… 😎

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Re: It’s No Secret

There are six songs on this album, not seven, two by each member of the trio. When you have three musicians who can also sing, why complain when they do? Utterly bizarre.

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