Becky Taylor

By Becky Taylor

  1. Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
    Baby Rosey’s Slip
  2. The Wage Of Crow Hill
    The Maple Leaf
  3. The Bonnie Bunch Of Ferns
    Robbie Hannan’s
  4. D Jigs
  5. Air For Buda
    Duhont Ar Ar Manez
    The New Fiddle
  6. The Brewer’s Wife
    Connie The Soldier
  7. The Happy Union
  8. Forward The Fool
  9. Birthday Reels
  10. Girl Of The House
    The Holly Bush
  11. James Byrne’s
    E To E
  12. Whisky Kiss

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Great debut

Multi-instrumentalist Taylor (uilleann pipes, smallpipes, whistles, fiddles, ’tina all appear on this album!) lays out an intriguing stall. Original compositions rub shoulders with old standards from the Irish and Breton traditions.

that’s not our Becky Taylor

the photo on this page is of singer Rebecca Jane Grosvenor-Taylor, who is popularly known as Becky Taylor but is not the Yorkshire uilleann piper we’re talking about. *that* Becky Taylor looks like this:

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and as it turns out…

…the information on the Becky Taylor page at linked to in the blurb above is confused too. the images show the singer, and the entry is tagged with “pop” and “female vocal,” while the text describes Becky Taylor the piper.

my attempts to create an account at so as to rectify the errors has failed too. *sigh…*

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Ian - this happens quite often. If you send Jeremy an email, he can either fix it, or failing that, remove it.