2 House Concerts - Live in Clapton-in-Gordano

By Choonz

  1. The Butlers Of Glen Avenue
    Sliabh Russell
    Cathal McConnell’s
  2. Shores Of Lough Gowna
  3. Didier’s Delight
    Reel Beatrice
  4. The Bucks Of Oranmore
    Eileen Curran’s
    The Moving Cloud
  5. The Skylark
    The Fox On The Town
  6. Cape Clear
  7. Woman Of The Beer
    The Whistler From Rosslea
    The Golden Stud
  8. Evening Aidan
    Stella Splendens
    The Girls From Boisdale
  9. Next Time I’ll Take The Eurostar
    The Humours Of Stansted
  10. Lads Of Laois
    The Big Reel Of Ballinahitch
    Black Pat’s
  11. Son Ar Rost
    Jig For John
    The Mouse In The Kitchen
  12. They Stole My Wife’s Plough
  13. An Erc’h War Enezeg
    Brenda Stubberd’s
  14. A Mile Down The Road
    The Easy Club
    MacArthur Road
  15. Didier’s
    The Duke Of Leinster
    Trip To Durrow
    Farewell To Ireland
  16. Jig For John
    Mouse Behind The Dresser
  17. Husky’s
    Son Ar Rost
    The False Proof
  18. The Cotton Grass Flowers
    Lizzie In The Low Ground
  19. The Cliff Dwellers
  20. Next Time I’ll Take The Eurostar
    The Humours Of Stansted
  21. Follow Me Down To Carlow
    Stormy Blues

Two comments

Double CD and great value for money

Recording of 2 house concerts at the same venue in Clapton in Gordano by Choonz in consecutive years :
Tracks 1-15 is a whole concert, 16-21 is the first half of the concert the successive year

Choonz are;
David Garner - Fiddle
Paul Garner - Low whistle, tin whistle (& clarinet on track 19)
Brian Haitz - Guitar