The Second Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert

By Various Artists

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  1. Derryveone
    Aghyaran Crossroads
  2. The Banks Of Lough Gowna
    Tom Carthy’s
  3. Sliabh Geal gCua
  4. The Sligo Maid
    The Duke Of Leinster
  5. Ah Surely
    Martin Wynne’s
  6. Ned Of The Hill
  7. Ann McHugh’s
    Philip Shiels’
  8. The Humours Of Ballyconnell
    The Humours Of Lissadell
  9. The Maid In The Meadow
    The Doberman’s Wallet
  10. The Poppy Leaf
  11. Taímse Im’ Chodhladh
    The Happy Man
    Bubbling Wine
  12. Down By The Sally Gardens
  13. Martin Wynne’s #1
    Martin Wynne’s #2
    The Fisherman’s Lilt
  14. Lament For Liam McCabe
  15. Clashroe
    Tommy Peoples’
  16. Marion Kelly’s
    Carey’s Cottage
  17. Cutting The Hay
    The Smiling Lady
  18. Down By Blackwaterside
  19. The Clamp Of Turf
    The Queen Of The Fair
    Apples In Winter
  20. My Love Is In America
    Rakish Paddy
  21. The Pride Of The West
    The Girls Of Banbridge
    Billy McCormick’s
  22. St. Crone’s
    Colonel Rodney
    The Humours Of Westport
  23. The Old Copperplate
    The New Copperplate
  24. The Pigeon On The Gate

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The Second Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert

The annual Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert [ and sessions associated with it occurring over a whole weekend ], takes place in Glasgow at the beginning of January each year, and is undoubtedly the best weekend of Irish traditional music to be found in Scotland.
This 24-track CD was recorded at the 2nd event on the 13th January 2001.
It’s still going strong, and the next one, in January 2016, will be the 17th weekend in memory of Jimmy and his music.
Once details have been announced, I’ll post the weekend in the “Events” section.
Several of the tunes which have no “links” above would be Jimmy’s own compositions.
I’ll post who’s playing on what track later.
It was a great concert, and is a fine collection of music and top-notch playing.

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1 - “The Four Provinces Ceili Band”
2 - Brid Harper [fiddle ], Lar Gavin [ accordion ], Deirdre McSherry [ piano ]
3 - Brid Harper [ fiddle ]
4 - Group
5 - Patsy Hanly
6 - Deirdre Scanlan
7 - “The Four Provinces Ceili Band”
8 - Eileen O’Brien [ fiddle ], Nuala Hehir [ accordion ], Jody Moran [ banjo ]
9 - Pat Bass [ banjo ]
10 - Eileen O’Brien [ fiddle ], Lar Gavin [ accordion ], Deirdre McSherry [ piano ]
11 - Eileen O’Brien [ fiddle ]
12 - Deirdre Scanlan
13 - Eileen O’Brien [ fiddle ], Nuala Hehir [ accordion ], Jody Moran [ banjo ]
14 - Tony McHugh [ fiddle ]
15 - David Kinsella [ uilleann pipes ]
16 - Brendan & Martin McHugh
17 - Eileen O’Brien [fiddle ], Lar Gavin [ accordion ], Deirdre McSherry [ piano ]
18 - Deirdre Scanlan
19 - Brid Harper [fiddle ], Nuala Hehir [ accordion ], Jody Moran [ banjo ]
20 - Group
21 - Robert Gleeson [ fiddle ]
22 - “The Four Provinces Ceili Band”
23 - Finale - everybody
24 - Jimmy McHugh [ extra track ]

From my recollection, there’s some confusion in the sleeve notes about which tracks Brid Harper and Eileen O’Brien played on, but to the best of my knowledge, the above is correct. Our contributer “The Archivist” may be able to correct any errors, as she was involved as a musician in this project.

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The Four Provinces Ceili Band

The line up for this concert was: Brendan McHugh & Danny Duffy, fiddles; Dinny Boyle, accordion; Sharon Creasey, flute; Richard Creasey, bouzouki; Martin McHugh, bodhran.
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Creasey and produced by Richard Creasey and Brendan McHugh.
Tracks 1 & 7 are all compositions of Jimmy McHugh.
Thanks for putting this up Kenny, hadn’t realised it was not there.


Brid Harper is the fiddle player on Track 11. 13 and 19
Eileen O’Brien is the fiddler on track 2

Re: The Second Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert

It’s an amazing Album !

All musicians played with their heart.
It’s live and yet perfection is included in some tracks mostly played
by Eileen O’Brien track : 2/3 Soulful slowAir/10/12/17/
And by a young Brid Harper 8/11/13/19
I’m not objective because Eileen was my teacher 🙂

You can buy the CD here