By Lothlorien

  1. Turpin’s Lament
  2. Flying Away
  3. Song For Corey
  4. Into White
  5. Saqi
  6. This Change
  7. Maggie’s Pancakes
  8. The Frying Pan
  9. Frailock
  10. Man Of The House
  11. Where I Want To Be
  12. Cooley’s
  13. Sporting Paddy
  14. Congress
  15. Spanish Arch

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Lothlorien’s music is almost a genre on its own, playing both instrumental and song penned mostly by founder Nic Morrey (1993-present). The sound is unique and fresh with depth, expressed in a multitude of instruments capturing the journey of mood and emotion in a bard like fashion.

Artist Information


Nic Morrey – 12 String guitar/didgeridoo/lead vocal
Joe Granieri – Uilleann pipes/keys/darabuka
Mei Lai Swan – Violin/backing vocals
Fingal Capaldi – Accordion/Celtic harp/whistles
Jean Cabon – Fretless Bass
Erin Sulman – Bodhran/congas
Corey Romeo - Mondolin/Mandola
Carl Pannuzzo – Kit drum

In creating this complex tapestry of sound, Lothlorien’s main influences include Donovan, The Incredible String Band, Andreas Vollenweider, Dead Can Dance and Peter Gabriel. When you cross all this with Lothlorien’s variety of instruments and mystical lyrical content, the sound is unique and unlike any folk music you might come across. Drawing on the increasingly multicultural nature of Australia, the members of the band are also unique in character, energy and presentation. They will often dress in costume, taking their listener on a bard’s journey such as Celtic harp accompanying spoken word as introduction to compositions.

Lothlorien survive on festival performances and sell their CDs independently. They are proud to have sold the most CDs out of 350 acts on their first appearance at Woodford, Australia’s biggest folk festival. They have been repeatedly invited back, always selling within the top 10. To back up the band’s environmental message, they are proud to donate a percentage of CD sales (so far donating over $6000) to either the Australian Bush Heritage Fund or towards the planting of trees on festival sites visited by Lothlorien.

A video with great tunes:

Dans En Dro/ She Moved Through The Fair/ Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore/ Thousands Are Sailing/Ghostwood (I love this last one..)