The Pure Drop

By Fiddlehead

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Hailed as one of the finest Celtic groups in the Northwest, Fiddlehead plays an exciting blend of Celtic music and song. The band features Anthea Lawrence on fiddle and vocals, Audra Poor on Uillean pipe, flute, and whistle, and Lawson Dumbeck on guitar, banjo, bouzouki, and bodhran.

Anthea Lawrence, fiddle and vocals, has been called “one of the rising stars of Northwest Irish music.” A former member of the well-known Irish band Slainte, her powerful fiddling and sweet voice have met with critical acclaim, pleasing audiences all over the Western US.

Audra Poor is a young powerhouse on her instrument of choice, the Irish Uillean pipes, as well as a skilled musician on the flute and pennywhistle. She plays all three with finesse and style that is creating quite a buzz on the traditional music scene.

Lawson Dumbeck is a talented multi-instrumentalist. Whether he is finger-picking a sweet air on guitar, providing stirring bouzouki back-up for fiddle tunes, playing a set of polkas on the banjo, or accompanying with complex rhythms on the bodhran, he brings freshness and drive to the music.