By Dannsair

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The band is DANNSAIR — Traditional Dance Music of Ireland. Exciting, fresh, acoustic. Each song is a dialog between the music, the musicians and the listener. Each set a journey through the sounds and emotions of Ireland.

The CD is GALICIA — Evocative landscape, exotic music and sensual people.

Crisp flute playing, spirited fiddles, driving guitar, pulsing bass & swirling percussion.
The music recalls The Chieftains at their orchestral best. Dannsair performed with The Chieftains at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara, California last year at an incredible concert.
The music reaches emotional peaks reminiscent of Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill.
The music hums with the electric energy of Donegal’s Altan.
The CD churns with the propulsive rhythms of Lunasa.

GALICIA — Inspired by Carlos Nunez, the Galician Piper who toured with The Chieftains.
GALICIA — Barndances, Jigs, Waltzes, Reels, Slip Jigs, Scandinavian Sailing Tunes, Airs, Hornpipes. There is even the gorgeous Jewish Wedding tune: Itzikel, made famous by the amazing fiddler, Kevin Burke.

DANNSAIR — Traditional Dance Music of Ireland.