The Mother of All Morris

By Various Artists

  1. Leapfrog
  2. The Gallant Hussar
  3. Barham Down
    The Yellow Joak
    The Go! Of London City
  4. The Swaggering Gathering
  5. Tom O Vickers
    The Knife Edge
    The LNB
  6. Mock Morris
  7. Old Tom Of Oxford
    The Webley Twizzle
  8. The Black Joke
  9. The Sailor’s Horse Tune
  10. Constant Bobby
  11. The Old Cotswold Legbar
  12. The Morris
    London Pride
  13. The Lollipop Man
  14. The 8th Of July
    Glory Of The West
  15. The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
  16. Sulgrave Air
    Shepherds Hey

Two comments

"Ashley Hutchings & friends: The Mother of All Morris"

Talking Elephant Records

A ‘Living Tradition’ review by Tony Hendry:

Product Description (Amazon UK): The Mother of all Morris is the final release in the famous Morris On series. It all started back in 1972 with the seminal release of Morris On, followed by Son of Morris On, Grandson of Morris On, Great grandson of Morris On, Morris On the Road and, finally, Mother of all Morris. For the final; album all the stops were pulled out and it featured many of the glitterati of the folk World. Such starts as Eliza Carthy, Show of Hands, John Kirkpatrick, Ric Snaders and Chris Leslie, along with many others,feature on the album. Of course, the guiding light, Ashley Hutchings, is the only musician to feature on every album.

“The Mother of All Morris” ~ the bands/musicians: tracks 1 - 16

_1, 7 & 16 ~ The Morris On Band

_2 ~ John Kirkpatrick & Chris Parkinson

_3 ~ The Glowworms

_4 ~ Chris Leslie

_5 ~ Saul Rose

_6 & 10 ~ Ric Sanders Group

_8 ~ Jim Moray Trio

_9 ~ Minehead Sailor’s Horse Crew & musicians

11 ~ Ken Nicol

12 ~ Eliza Carthy & Saul Rose

13 ~ Jim Causley

14 ~ Show of Hands

15 ~ Ruth Angell