Pipers Gathering 2014

By Various Artists

  1. His Father’s Lament For Donald McKenzie
  2. Lark In The Morning
    Glasgow Police Pipers
  3. Sailing Down Fulton St.
    Pauline O’Neill’s
  4. Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park
  5. Sandy Cameron’s
    Devil In The Kitchen
    Muileann Dubh
    Bridge Of Bamore
  6. Tuirse Mo Chroi
    Dark Haired Lass
    Ril Gan Ainm
    The Old Bush
    The Man From Bundoran
  7. Suite Loudiac
  8. Gigue
  9. A Stor Mo Chroi
  10. Maid In The Cherry Tree
    Morning Star
    Morning Dew
  11. Rocky Road To Dublin
    The Dusty Miller
  12. Blind Mary
    O’Carolan’s Concerto
  13. Tim The Turncoat
    The Cloon
  14. Fox Chase
  15. Number 8
    Dr. Robertson
    The Swearybox
  16. The Lark In The Clear Air
    Regular Climber
  17. Archie’s Fancy
    Bill Charlton’s Fancy

One comment

Uilleann pipes, smallpipes, Northumbrian pipes, and even some flute and fiddle on this compilation. The musicians on each track are:

1 Donald Lindsay
2 Donald Lindsay, EJ Jones, Timothy Cummings & Thomas Leigh
3 Katie McNally & Shannon Heaton
4 Shannon Heaton
5 Katie McNally
6 EJ Jones
7 EJ Jones
8 EJ Jones & Rosalind Buda
9 Joey Abarta
10 Joey Abarta
11 Joey Abarta
12 Kevin Rowsome
13 Kevin Rowsome
14 Kevin Rowsome
15 Andy May
16 Andy May
17 Andy May