Stepping Stone

By Anita MacDonald

  1. Orange And Blue
    Rolling Off A Log
    Hughie Shorty’s
    Kay MacDougall Guthro’s
  2. Don Side
    Lad O’ Byrne’s
    East Meets West
    Route 19
    Brucie And The Troopers
  3. The 91st At Modder River
    Colin Grant
    Elmer Briand’s Favourite
    Compliments To Bonnie Lass
    The Accidental Debert
  4. Cànan An Dòchais
  5. Mr. Garden Of Troup’s Farewell To France
    Glasgow Strathspey And Reel Society
    Mrs Grieg’s
    Clydesdale Lasses
    A Winston Tune
    Miss Susan Gordon
  6. Jimmy Leighton’s
    Kenny Craig’s
  7. Without Saying
  8. Rachel Conlan’s Birthday
    Memories Of Michael Anthony
    The Deerfield
  9. John Campbell’s
    Father John Angus Rankin
    A Dan J. Campbell
    Jenny Bowser
    Miss Jane MacInnes
  10. Peter’s Message
  11. O, Teannaibh Dlùth Is Togaibh Fonn
  12. Kimberly Ann’s
    Malcolm’s New Fiddle
    West Mabou
  13. The Hills Of Lorne
    Lament For Sir Harry Lumsden, Baronet Of Auchindoir
  14. Orkney Wedding March
    Miss Maule’s
    High D And G
    Margaret MacDonald’s Delight
    Reel For Carl
    Wes And Maggie’s Ceili Croft

One comment

Stepping Stone by Anita MacDonald

Just heard Anita in a house concert with Ben Miller (lowland pipes) and Tysen Chen (piano). Very nice indeed.

Anita is an accomplished Cape Breton fiddler, who demonstrates her musical roots with flair and passion.