A Day At The Lake

By Ben Miller & Anita MacDoanld

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  1. Oh As I Was Kiss’d Yestreen
    The Black-haired Lad
    Sweet Molly
    The Primrose Lass
  2. The Red Haired Girl Of Tulloch
    Hats Off To Jerry
    An Allt Ghlas
    A’ Chuachag
  3. Eoghainn Mhoir A Ghradhaich
  4. My Home Town
    Aspen Bank
    Captain Horne
    The Athole Plaid
    The Kilt Is My Delight
    Mrs Morthland’s
  5. The Burning Of The Piper’s Hut
    The Heights Of Alma
    Stumblin’ Thro Auld Reekie
    The Heights Of Dargai
  6. The Comely Garden
    Fight About The Fireside
    The Periwig
    The Reel Of Cushnie
  7. O Cha Teid, Cha Teid Meise
  8. O’er The Moor, Among The Heather
    Paulette Bissonette
    The Galtee Mountains
    The Doryman Lobster Boil
  9. Mrs Campbell Of Shinness
    Seamus Cooley’s
    Donall Na Greine
  10. An T-Alltan Dubh
    Hey Johnny
    Last Summer’s
    Romp Among The Whins

Two comments

A Day At The Lake

Just attended a house concert with Anita MacDonald (fiddle), Ben Miller (lowland pipes) and Tysen Chen (piano). Anita sang in gaelic and step danced to mix it up a bit. Really enjoyed it.

They are joined on this album by Tristan Henderson and Dominique Dodge.

Title comes from the fact that they recorded the entire CD in a single day at a lake location. Note that there is no tune entitled Day at the Lake, as it didn’t make the cut. They played it at the concert, so look for it on another CD in the future.

Some notation links

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2.1 The red-haired girl of Tulloch (Traditional) https://thesession.org/tunes/4043
5.2 The heights of Alma (Traditional) is a jigtime march, not the hornpipe at https://thesession.org/tunes/4991. See http://www.tunearch.org/wiki/Heights_of_Alma_(2)_(The) If you follow this link, add a closing parenthesis as The Session’s HTML engine ignores the one that’s here.
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8.5 Traditional reel (Traditional) needs disambiguation; it is NOT https://thesession.org/tunes/2826
9.2 Seamus Cooley’s (Traditional) is a reel; it is NOT the jig at https://thesession.org/tunes/414