Wild Horses

By Celtic Sands

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Celtic Sands

Celtic Sands has been exciting audiences and listeners all over the world with their unique arrangements of traditional celtic tunes and with their original songs.
Based in the San Francisco bay area, and made up of members Lara Garner, Greg Jones, and Ben Roberts, this group of three superb musicians are masters of improvisation and have an edgy sound,verging on celtic rock, but always maintaining the spirit of traditional celtic music. The tunes with celtic harp are dreamy and elegant and bring you back to the time and spirit of the ancient celts.
With a large array of instrumentation, each musician masterfully exploits the uniqueness of each sound. Instrumentation included celtic harp, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, piano, whistle, bodhran, recorder, cello, fretless bass, percussion and vocals.
This is a cd to listen to over and over again!


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