Music At Matt Molloy’s

By Various Artists

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  1. Jackie Coleman’s
  2. Cape Breton Jig #1
    Cape Breton Jig #2
  3. Over The Moor To Maggie
    Fred Finn’s
    The Hunter’s House
  4. Baile Mhuirne
  5. Rolling In The Ryegrass
    The Killavel Fancy
  6. Rocking The Cradle
    The Twin
  7. The Kilmovee
    The Maid At The Well
    The Old Geese In The Bog
  8. Bonny Wood Green
  9. Miss Monaghan
    Maggie On The Shore
  10. Dr. Gilbert
    Queen Of May
  11. Tommy Coen’s
    The Otter’s Holt
    McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
  12. Garrett Barry’s
    Miss McLeod’s
  13. Kilkelly
  14. Sgaruint Na Gcompanagh
  15. Set Of Single Jigs Learned From Kevin’s Father (John’s Grandfather):
    Kevin McHugh’s
    John McHugh’s
  16. Larry Redigan’s
    The High
  17. The Boys Of Ballinahinch
    The Castle
    Miko Russell’s
  18. The Scotsman Over The Border
    The Tenpenny Bit
  19. The Millionaire
  20. Westport Set-Dancers:
    Jim Keefe’s #2
    Gan Ainm
    Bill The Weaver’s
    Cis Ni Liathain
    The Dingle Regatta

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This album does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of a good session. Instead of silence between the tracks, we hear laughter, chat and even breaking glass.

The album features a string of great musicians so, needless to say, the musicianship is first rate. Mostly though, it’s just great fun.

Great album

I just got this one. I agree, they did a great job of capturing the feel of a real session.

Cape Breton Jigs

In case, like me, you were interested in the titles for these they are Charlie Hunter and Peggy’s jig - found the dots at

Also on this site too.

Music at Matt Molloy’s - Maggie on the Shore?

Track 9 has a tune called ‘Maggie on the Shore’, which follows ‘Miss Monaghan’

Has ‘Maggie’ got an alternative title? I can’t find reference to it anywhere else (although there is a tune on this site called ‘Molly on the shore’)

I’m after the abc or the dots for it (but don’t tell llig leahcim!)


Re: Music at Matt Molloy’s - Maggie on the Shore?

too late …. if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 etc etc

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Re: Music at Matt Molloy’s - Maggie on the Shore?

The proper place for this, domnull, would be in “Requests”, wouldn’t it ?

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Re: Music at Matt Molloy’s - Maggie on the Shore?

Will do!

Re: Music at Matt Molloy’s - Maggie on the Shore?

………. but I can’t put any comments or info about the tune there eg CD name, track number etc

Re: Music at Matt Molloy’s - Maggie on the Shore?

I tried to find the dots using Google with no luck based on the first two bars from the irishtune website. But I did find two other recording in my collection by searching my iTunes library. The Salt Lake City celtic band Shanahy recorded it in a set starting with The Ewe With The Crooked Horn on the album Trip to Ballymena and Barry Kerr recorded it in a set starting with Silver Spear and ending with Miss Monaghan’s on the album Three Sisters.

Re: Music at Matt Molloy’s - Maggie on the Shore?

Oops. Those tunes I mentioned were Molly, not Maggie on the Shore.

Re: Music at Matt Molloy’s - Maggie on the Shore?

domnull - I have to agree with Michael here. If you have the recording, I don’t see what’s to stop you sitting down and listening to the tune over and over until you have it. You can of course write it down for yourself as you go along. That’s the way we all do it. [ I assume ]. Fair enough requesting a tune if you only have a name or you only heard it the once, and I know how daunting it can be transcribing a tune from Matt Molloy’s playing, but it’s not impossible. I’m very busy next week. If it hasn’t been posted by next weekend, I’ll look at it myself, but really, the best advice you’ll get is “have a go yourself”. You could even be the one to post it here, at “The Session”.

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Track 16 - Larry Redigan’s

I think this tune is already under Larry RediCan

Is this the right one?

How do you establish the link to it from the Details page?

Set of single jigs on Music at Matt Malloy’s

Does anyone know the actual names of the “Set of single jigs learned from Kevin’s Father/ John’s Grandfather” (track 15) on the Music at Matt Malloy’s album?

Re: Set of single jigs on Music at Matt Malloy’s

Alan Ng lists them as Kevin McHughes‘ No. 2 and John McHughes’ at irishtuneinfo:

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Re: Set of single jigs on Music at Matt Malloy’s


(I already learned them from the cd 🙂 )

Re: Set of single jigs on Music at Matt Malloy’s

And that’s a great way to learn them.

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Re: Set of single jigs on Music at Matt Malloy’s

tee he

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Kenny, writing it down as you go and then actually learning what you’ve written is not really learning the tune by ear.

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Whatever…………….but I would have thought you have to have the tune “by ear” before you could write it down.

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“Whatever” ??

At that stage all you’ve done is match a note on your
instrument with the note you hear, you write it down,
then you learn the tune from what you’ve just written.
You’ve probably got a more accurate version of what you’re
looking for in the tune than you would have
If you had just picked the dots up from somewhere else.
But I think in the process you’ve missed an important step.

Have you ever noticed that tunes you learn this way (or from
some other wriiten source), if you make a mistake
you have to come back into it at some logical place in the tune,
you can’t just continue more fluently as you could
with tunes you learn by ear.

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Can anyone identify the tunes on track 20?

Fiddle player

Anyone know who the fiddle player is on Dr. Gilbert’s and Queen of the May? Sort of sounds like Ciarán Tourish…

The fiddler playing the Dr. Gilbert’s set with Paul McGrattan is actually Sean Smyth, who is now known as a member of the band Lunasa. He is from Kilmovee, Co. Mayo, which isn’t very far from Matt Molloy’s in Westport.

Sean Smyth

Is an absolute genius! The Queen of the May / Lord McDonalds / whatever ye call it tune after Dr. Gilbert is IMO the best tune on the album, the rythym, bazouki accompaniment, just beautiful

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What Paudy says above…

Track 10 - the reel following “Dr.Gilbert” is “Lord McDonald’s”, not the “Queen Of May”.

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Track 2 whistle jigs

On track 2 of Music from Matt Molloy’s (Breda Smyth)…
First is Charlie Hunter
Third is McGurk’s

Does anyone know the name of the 2nd tune?


Music At Matt Molloy’s

I’ve changed the names of the jigs on track 2 so that they link to the tunes in the On the orginal recording the first two recordings are called “Cape Breton Jigs” #1 and #2.

Hi Nigel

Is that the right way to do it? I would have thought adding the exact name on the recording to the list of alternative titles would be a better idea.

Maybe that wouldn’t work in all cases, possibly this one too (see track 15!), in which case I would have thought that adding a comment and link would be more appropriate. Thoughts?


Music At Matt Molloy’s

DavidT said, “Thoughts?”

Yes, I think you’re right, David, so I’ve changed track 2 again. Before the first two tunes were collectively listed as “Cape Breton Jigs”, but separating them makes more sense - thanks.