An Phib

By Dicky Deegan

Two comments

An Ph

Dapper Dickie Deegan diddles dolefully (well, there’s a greater preponderance of slow airs than grace most recordings).

However the guy diddles delightfully into the bargain.

Notable (amongst other things!) for the accompaniment on track 3 by John Meskell on the Dord Iseal - an ancient instrument which sounds not unlike a didgeridoo, but from which Meskell draws some deep “booms” - not unlike a buinne

Incendiary Piping!

If I could pipe like anyone, it would be Dicky Deegan. His fiery technique lets him rip with wild abandon through tunes or to coax out the bitters-weetness from any air. His tuning is flawless, and his pipes have a majestic quality. It would be tough to list a favourite track, but if pushed, I’d probably go with The Fair-haired Cassidy/Nora Criona. Buy this recording!