The Road To Kerrigouarch

By Jamie McMenemy

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  1. Wampy’s
  2. The Broom Blooms Bonnie
  3. The Fisherman’s Wife
  4. Krivo Sadovsko Horo
  5. The Demon Lover
  6. Ladies’ Fingers
  7. The Lochmaben Harper
  8. Laride
    Musical Priest
  9. Bonnie Jean Cameron
  10. The Forfar Sojer
  11. War Hent Kerrigouarch

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Jamie McMenemy

Jamie McMenemy was a member of “The Battlefield Band” in the late 1970s. When he left the band, he moved to Brittany, forming the Breton supergroup “Kornog”. He recorded this [ near ] solo album in 1980, and I believe the band arose out of this recording. One of my favourite albums ever, not sure it ever came out on CD, but thankfully now available through “iTunes”.

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Re: The Road To Kerrigouarch

Photo of Jamie from 1978 on home page at the moment.

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