First Course

By Party of Three

  1. Kieville
    Drummond Castle
  2. King’s
    Double Digits
  3. Bittersweet (A Sad Step In The Right Direction)
    Che Sapore Burroso
  4. Banjo Therapy
    Conlagh’s Big Day
  5. Cavers Of Kirkcudbright
    Love Free
    Turf Lodge
  6. Poon Hill
    Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie
  7. Sierra Lullabye

One comment

Shortish 2012 album from Lilly and Neil Pearlman with Joe DePaolo on percussion. There are elements of Scottish and Irish trad and a LOT of improv and jazz influences in here, with less Latin influences than some of the Pearlmans’ more recent material. A lot of fun. Many of the tracks are Lilly or Neil’s compositions.