Mac Bones and the B Band

By Mac Bones And The B Band

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  1. Trip To Sligo
    Woods Of Old Limerick
    Blackthorn Stick
  2. Juleaften
  3. The Battle Of Sowerby Bridge
  4. Gan Ainm
    Cameron’s Wife
  5. Considine’s Grove
    Paddy Cronin’s
  6. Nicky Tams
  7. Der Er Langt Imellem Snapsene
  8. Eddie Kelly’s
    Pull The Knife And Stick It Again
  9. McGinty’s Meal And Ale
  10. Johnny’s Wedding
    Farewell To Milltown
  11. Min Første Komposition “My First Composition”
  12. Maggie Lauder
  13. Charlie Mulvhill’s Jigs
  14. Auld Maid In The Garret
  15. The Buck From The Mountain
    Pretty Maggie Morrissey
  16. The Blarney Stone
  17. Gan Ainm
    The Tempest