By Sarabande

  1. The Bucks Of Oranmore
  2. Sumer Is Icumen In
  3. By The Stream
    Black Eyes Medley
  4. La Mourisque
  5. Give Me Your Hand
  6. Considine’s Grove
    Sleepy Maggie
    Drowsy Maggie
  7. Chamberlain Is Now Our Squire
  8. Gloomy Sunday
  9. Romanian Train Song
  10. The Star Of Munster
  11. Fortune My Foe
  12. Sarabande
  13. Kalinka
  14. Hee-da-rum, Haw-da-rum
  15. Prince Rupert’s March
  16. Paddy The Piper
    Smash The Windows
  17. Come Follow
  18. The Basso

Ten comments


Sarabande was formed in the spring of 2004 when Lisa Thompson (flute, recorder, clarinet), Julia Hull (violin), and Matt Schwarz (guitar, flute, and harp) met when preparing to be musicians at the New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom. Maria Gavilanes joined later on percussion and guitar. Starting out with renaissance pieces, they soon branched out to include Irish jigs and reels and wild Eastern European gypsy melodies. After frequent requests for a CD, the group recorded 18 of their favorites in the winter/spring of 2006, mixing lovely, mellow pieces with lively and exciting dance tunes.


Marcus - I have to ask, have you listened to this recording ? Is the above comment originally from yourself , based on hearing that recording, or did you simply “cut and paste” it from the album sleeve notes, or publicity “blurb” ?
I was curious as to how they might play the masterpiece of Irish music that is “The Bucks Of Oranmore”, and had a listen to the short clip you can hear on “iTunes”. It is undoubtedly the worst attempt I’ve ever heard of anyone trying to play what is a classic piece of Irish traditional music, and in those terms, it is utter pish. They may be able to play “renaissance pieces”, but there is no way any sane person should be trying to learn Irish music from this bunch. They haven’t a clue. I think that needs to be pointed out, and also that I think that most Irish traditional musicians would agree.

I’d second kenny’s comment and I would also add that he hasn’t added a single decent recording in the 20 or so he’s posted on here. they are all horrendously tasteless


Yes Kenny.. I heard the whole recording through Deezer, It’s not a masterpiece, but there is some ‘’OK‘’ tracks.. maybe the half moon percussion annoys you, gypsies influences…
The comment above is from CD Baby..
Opinions and Opinions.. There is a comment about this CD that says:
‘’I love this CD - It’s perfect for getting in the mood and waiting for the local Renn Faire to roll around. It’s got everything I wanted from Old English to Gypsy music. This is the best compilation of this kind I’ve run across. Others I’ve found had one or two tracks that I really liked but on This CD every track is a winner!!‘’

So.. It’s impossible to please everybody.. Each person has its own kind of favourite style of playing trad music.

Happy Camper.. It’s a pitty that you think they are all ‘’horrendously tasteless‘’.. Maybe because I was not born in this cradle of tradition, I don’t have prejudice for bands that play stuff beyond the ordinary..
With the last 10 recordings that I’ve posted, I believe there is very cool material there, such as Là Nua (Italy), All Jigged Out (UK) and La Volée d’ Castors (Québec) among others…

its not about cradle of tradition or being a trad purist. I don’t even care where the musicians are from geographically - nowadays with stuff being so accessible online. Its just for me i don’t get why listen to all jigged out when you could listen to sylvain barou, erwan menguy There is really great stuff out there like doolin, solas, slide, grada, the yanks, if you like modern trad - i’ve ;picked bands that aren’t based in ireland.

Why listen to All Jigged Out? Just listen the track 09: Last Reel/Bright House.. I fell in love since the first time I heard this two great pieces.. So addictive this two reels.. can’t stop hearing..
So why not hear all of it? I love Sylvain Barou, Doolin, Solas and Slide too.. Grada I have kind of a devotion.. they are magnificent (mainly Adam).. Erwan I haven’t heard yet.. But loved the video you posted.. thanks for the tip. Very sentimental playing.

Correction.. not Adam.. Alan!! lol.. Alan Doherty :P

Great Videos Happy Camper.. thanks for sharing… So when I post some recording that please your ears, please let me know that I’m reaching a whole new level of quality ;)

best things you posted are notify by padraig rynne, ealu by cormac breatnach, and mendicity by slide. all top notch. Also beat of the breath by brian hughes )